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Are you still using a traditional card punch time clock? Researching the best way to upgrade? This post is for you.

Types of Physical Time Clocks

First, let’s discuss your options. There are a variety of time clocks for measuring employee time.

  • Card swipe
  • Proximity card
  • Biometric
  • PIN code entry

These types of clocks can integrate with Accurate Data Payroll Processing TimeWorksPlus.

Accurate Data Payroll Processing is one of the few workforce management companies with integrated clocks and timekeeping software. Give us a call and we can explain why this is so important.

Card Swipe Time Clocks

Card swipe clocks use magnetic cards, like a credit card. Swipe card clocks are affordable. They are more secure than traditional punch clocks.

Proximity Card Clocks

With a proximity time clock, each employee is issued a card or key fob. You can combine an employee ID card with the prox clock card.

In a large building, you can place several clocks throughout the various departments. Then centrally manage the data.

With a proximity card, employees don’t have to touch the clock. This can streamline shift changes.

The cons? Proximity cards can be damaged or lost. When that happens, you can deactivate the card and order a replacement. Some allow for PIN entry in the case of a lost card.

PIN or Key Code Time Clock

With a PIN or Key Code, the employee punches in a code. It works like a debit card PIN to identify the user. Many small organizations use key code systems for shift clocking.

If staff members forget their PIN, you need to consider the hassle to re-assign them. 

For the time clocks mentioned thus far, remember this: Employees can buddy punch for a friend by sharing passwords and prox cards.

If you are paying too much for labor because of time theft, we have a solution for you.

Biometric Time Clocks

A biometric time clock uses a biological identifier or behavior to verify the s. These include fingerprints, palm-prints, iris scans, facial recognition, and voice recognition.

Biometric clocks can integrate with timekeeping software. Our biometric clock TimeWorksTouch, integrates with TimeWorksPlus. It transforms the way you track employee time and attendance.

For example, it is ’employee-aware.’ This means it uses the employee’s current state. Each worker is only presented logical options when they clock in or out.

TimeWorksTouch used with TimeWorksPlus is the best timekeeping system for SMBs. Its lineup of tools is more extensive than any other solution:

  • Schedule enforcement
  • Meals/breaks tracking
  • Job codes
  • Overtime alerts
  • PTO tracking
  • Time off requests
  • Employee self-service
  • Online time cards
  • GPS (in the mobile companion app)

With TimeWorksTouch, staff members can’t cover for each other when an employee is late or absent. There is no time clock that is as effective at preventing employee time theft.

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