Time Tracking
& Scheduling
Made Easy

Track and manage employee time efficiently, schedule your workforce with ease, and hire great new employees faster than ever.

Time Tracking

We provide automated time tracking that makes it easy to track and manage employee time. Our solution helps you maintain compliance and saves you time preparing for payroll.

  • Convenient online time card management for employees and managers
  • Easy PTO management with custom accruals tracking
  • Automate compliance for Breaks, meals, overtime, FLSA, CA and NV
  • Clock in from web, mobile, or physical clock

Product Features


Advanced Timekeeping

Breaks and meals tracking, custom pay periods, shift differentials, overtime alerts, employee types and customizable clock prompts.

Time Off Management

Employees can check their accruals balance and request time off from their mobile device. Managers can review requests and see approved time off in the schedule.


Comprehensive Manager Tools

Edit and approve timecards, moderate shift trading, create shift schedules and manage overtime and holidays.

Multiple Clocking Options

Employees can clock in and out from a web portal, mobile app, or physical time clock. Compatible clock hardware includes facial recognition and temperature scanning.

Intelligent Clock Features

Our intelligent clock solution eliminates punch errors and assures that employees are making the right punches at the right times.

  • Reduce unplanned overtime with intelligent features
  • Avoid buddy punching with biometric security
  • Speed punch lines with lightning-fast facial recognition
  • Monitor workforce health with thermal scanning


Build Schedules Easy

Create employee schedules with the convenience of drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste.

Alert Employees

Automated alerts keep everyone on the same page whenever updates or changes are made.

Watch out for PTO

Approved employee time off is added to the calendar so you don’t schedule them while they’re gone.

Empower Employees

Employees can swap shifts or pick up open time with just a couple clicks so managers don’t have to resort to calling trees.

Mobile Access

Employees and managers alike can view, swap, edit and approve their schedules from their personal device.

Maintain compliance

Employees are notified when schedules are posted and overtime alerts help ensure you are scheduling within requirements.
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