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An upscale day spa doesn’t just sell manicures and pedicures, they sell an experience—a haven from the tension of everyday life. Spa personnel need to be extremely attentive to their clients’ needs to create the optimal spa experience. To preserve a serene atmosphere, there must be order and organization behind the scenes. When a massage patron waits a half hour for a late therapist who was confused about the schedule, the appointment starts out on the wrong foot and may never get back on track.

Scheduling Confusion Detracted From the Atmosphere

Our example day spa/salon was afraid that it would start losing visitors because staff scheduling confusion and just-under-the-surface employee job frustration detracted from what was supposed to be a relaxing, nurturing environment.

The scheduling system was about as outmoded as you can get, but surprisingly, not at all uncommon in the industry. The manager created a schedule on a dry erase board weekly. When patrons canceled or rescheduled, or an employee got sick, she erased and re-adjusted. She would try to text the staff whose shifts were altered, but sometimes she got distracted and forgot—and even when she remembered, they often didn’t get the texts in time. (The twenty-five team members had to keep their phones turned off and in their lockers while working, as the guest rooms were cellphone-free zones.)

The manager and the owner concluded that they desperately needed an advanced scheduling solution to tame the chaos and restore an atmosphere that would let employees attentively serve their patrons. The owner gave the manager a budget and directed her to research and choose the one she thought was most appropriate for their organization.

A Quest for the Ideal Spa Employee Scheduling System

Determined to perform sufficient due diligence with this crucial organizational process upgrade, the manager carefully compared features of the leading platforms and saw numerous demos. After painstaking investigation, she settled on Workforce Management Suite, which also turned out to be the most affordable.

Solution — Workforce Management Suite

TimeSimplicity for simplified day spa employee scheduling and mobile coordination.
TimeWorksPlus for integrated time and attendance tracking.

Scheduling Nirvana

TimeSimplicity’s drag-and-drop scheduling allowed the manager to build schedules in just a few minutes and make changes in just a few seconds. The system handles part-time and contract workers just as smoothly as full time employees. She doesn’t need to remember to text workers whose shifts are changed because the system sends notices automatically. That feature alone is a real game-changer and has dramatically improved the work environment.

Job Satisfaction Restored

The system is cloud-based, so all staff can check the schedule anytime from a mobile device. Job codes ensure that the employees with the needed certifications are scheduled appropriately. Everyone appreciates the time card self-management tools that empower staff members to check time cards and access HR information without having to go through the manager. Lastly, the system works seamlessly with their payroll service.

Accurate Data Payroll Processing proudly offers the ultimate tool for expedited spa/salon employee scheduling. If you own a spa or salon, we invite you to set up a demo of Workforce Management Suite.

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