9 Advantages Of Automated Time Tracking

As a manager, you need to optimize your workforce. Optimization means saving money, and increased profitability. Automated time and attendance tracking offers advantages every manager could use. 

Here are our top eight:

1. Real Time Reports

It’s pretty nice to have all the answers at your fingertips. With SwipeClock WorkforceHUB you have real time reports of all time and attendance. Even better, your employees have this information, too. Everyone is on the same page and making good decisions.

2. Automated Data Collection

No need to run from cubicle to cubicle to collect time cards. Even better, you won’t have to enter all that data manually. WorkforceHUB allows you to collect time and attendance data automatically.

3. Mobile Access

Mobile access means you can check reports from anywhere. Employees can, too. Time sheets can be submitted from the road, and managers can review and approve time sheets. All from a mobile phone. Pretty convenient!

4. Simplify Payroll

Payroll time comes around more often than managers like. It’s a cause for celebration for most, but managers see it as the busiest day of the month. Integrated payroll means simplified processing and a lot of time saved. WorkforceHUB allows you to export payroll-ready time and attendance data for a quick import and review. No manual input. No mistakes. No late nights.

5. Eliminate Buddy Punching

WorkforceHUB works with biometric clocks. Biometric clocks assure that your employees are recording time and attendance in person. Time theft, accidental punching, and even fraud are big expenses for even the smallest companies. WorkforceHUB can help you control these costs with biometric time and attendance.

6. Reduce Unplanned Overtime

WorkforceHUB features intelligent clocks that help you reduce unplanned overtime. Intelligent clocks help your employees avoid early and late punches. They also help reduce clocking errors with contextual prompts. Contextual prompts eliminate wrong punches and the need to review time cards.

7. GPS Time Tracking

Take the time out of time tracking with GPS time tracking. GPS time tracking in WorkforceHUB can help assure that your employees are on site. GPS restrictions can help reduce fraud and assures you have a reliable record of employee time on the job.

8. Automated Cloud-based Updates

The last thing you need to worry about as a manager is whether your software is up to date. WorkforceHUB is cloud-based. This means you access WorkforceHUB in a secure browser, and don’t have to worry about loading software or making updates. It’s all being taken care of for you. You won’t have to worry about new laws, or compliance issues; your software is always up to date.

9. Employee Self Service

Employee self-service is becoming critical for business as they grow. WorkforceHUB employee self-service allows employees to access their personal records. Everything from current time and attendance records to accumulation of PTO. Employees can get the answers they need in a secure login environment. That means you spend less time tracking down data for employee requests. Employees are more empowered and engaged.


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