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Today’s article is for small-medium-sized manufacturers whose manual scheduling methods are not doing the job.

Paper-based employee scheduling techniques are:

  • Tedious and time-consuming
  • Unable to quickly adjust to scheduling emergencies
  • Prone to errors
  • Not equipped to manage overtime
  • Hard to share with employees

In addition, staff members need to go through a supervisor or HR department to obtain schedule, time card, and PTO information and it is cumbersome for employees to submit and obtain shift change approvals.

Imagine if your production equipment was this outdated, ineffective, and inefficient.

These problems impact everyone in the business:

  • Owners overpay for labor, which reduces profit margins
  • Owners lose money due to high employee attrition
  • Owners are at risk of compliance penalties
  • Company misses production deadlines which threatens client contracts and business reputation
  • Employees work more overtime than they want to
  • Employees can’t access the schedule when they are not at work
  • Employees have to go through a manager to request shift changes
  • Short-handed shifts force employees on-the-clock to pick up the slack, which, in turn, often causes employee burnout
  • Scheduling managers spend so much time building schedules that they have little time for other vital tasks
  • Scheduling managers can’t easily accommodate employee shift preferences

Deep-rooted problems that affect every level of the organization require a powerful yet easy-to-implement solution. Workforce Management Suite from Accurate Data Payroll Processing has tools to transform employee scheduling at manufacturing operations.

Workforce Management Suite consists of TimeSimplicity which offers automated scheduling and TimeWorksPlus for integrated time and attendance tracking.

  • Design schedules with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Customizable job codes make sure the employees with the required qualifications are scheduled
  • System automation finds eligible staff members to cover open shifts
  • Customized system notifications reduce over-staffing and unplanned overtime
  • Complete mobile coordination for staff members and management
  • Employee Self Service allows staff to manage their time cards, post shift requests, and monitor PTO accruals
  • Automatically creates audit-ready records

Workforce Management Suite is the industry-leading customizable scheduling system for manufacturing facilities that run 24/7.

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